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Old Halloween Costumes Can Be Resurrected by Recycling them into New Zombies for Halloween

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Recycle Old Halloween Costumes and Turn Them Into Zombies

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Zombify Your Old Halloween Costumes

With the success of The Walking Dead and rise in the overall interest in zombies, the year you may want to pull out that old Halloween costume, recycle it and create a new, gruesome zombie version of that costume. This is a great idea is you have more than one Halloween party, don’t plan to sell the costume on ebay and don’t mind distressing the costume so it looks like a zombie.

We reviewed a few costumes that can be zombified and recycled this year and photoshopped a few just for fun. Just think now you can take that Lady Gaga, Twilight, Superhero, Police Officer, Cheerleader, Monk or almost any costume where a your face is exposed and turn it into a costume worthy of a zombie apocalypse.

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Recycle Your Old Halloween Costume in a Zombie Costume

First Recycled Zombie Costume Example: Lady Gaga - Lady Gaga burst on the Halloween scene in 2010 with a half dozen unique costumes and looks from her videos Bad Romance and Poker Face to unique looks at award shows and concerts. While Lady Gaga is still popular, trends and costumes fade over time, so now is a great to pull out the Gaga costume and go Zombie Gaga for Halloween. We took the costume and added a zombie face, but you can take it further by adding wounds to the neckline and abs, wearing ripped fishnet stockings and dirtying up the costume. I am sure Lady Gaga's response would be "Love It!"
Lady Gaga Costume Lady Gaga Zombie Costume

Prince Charming now Prince Alarming - A year ago, William and Kate were all the rage and William was Kate's Prince Charming. Well, even Prince Charming can get infected and become a zombie. When it happens it is not a pretty site and Prince Charming is more like Prince Alarming! We pulled in the face of a zombie, so you can see what this might look like. You will also want to dirty up the costume and consider ripping or tattering the sleeves and pants to give a zombie lived in look.
Prince Charming Costume Zombie Prince Alarming
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Fallen Supperhero - Many guys have a Superhero costume from a past Halloween, but everytime a new Ironman, Captain America, Avengers or Batman movie comes out the old costumes are kicked to the curb and look outdated. Well unless you are saving your costume for Comic Con or a special event, consider taking your costume to the dark side. Think of the story line Captain America verse zombies, would Captain America know that just one scratch could turn him? Have fun creating a storyline and then going zombie on the Captain America costume. We suggest a nice gash in the head and dirty up the costume to complete a zombie look.
Captain America Costume Captain America Zombie Costume

Take a Halloween standard costume like fireman, police officer, prisoner, priest, army forces personnel or Top Gun costume like we have below and add some blood, bite marks, scars and you'll have a cool recycled zombie Halloween costume.
Top Gun Costume Top Gun Costume as Zombie

We hope these Recycled Zombie Costumes will inspire you to create your own unique zombie costume this year.
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