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Zombies - Our Zombie Gallery

We love Zombies, you love Zombies so we wanted to showcase soem of our favorite zombie photos and classic zombie images. So as we attend zombo events, haunted houses and even have spot a stray walker in the crowd we will take a photo and ads our favorites here. As we move along we will link to other great resources for pics of zombies.

The difficulty in going to haunted houses and zombie events is that zombies don't follow direction and often zombies don't want to be photographed, they are there to eat human body parts and scare people so some of the zombie photos aren't always the most photogenic, but as we take pics of more zombies we will delete the older Zombie photos
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Gruesome Zombie Gruesome Zombie Eating Arm

Zombies Found a Source of Food

Zombie's Fresh Meal Walker

Empty Minded Zombie
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A Herd of Walkers

Bad Day at The Office Zombie Angry Zombie

All I Do is Think about Eating Brains All Day

Nom, Nom, Nom Hospital Zombie

This is the first group of Zombie pictures we have posted.
We will continue to update and post Zombies photos soon.
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