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Zombie Babies

We often think of zombies as being mindless, brain seeking adults, but what about the zombie babies? These little brain eaters need love too and thanks to Spirit Halloween we now have a full assortment of disgusting and foul looking zombies babies, that really do have the devil inside. These babies are hungry, creepy and relentless in their quest for food.

These creepy zombie infants include possessed zombies stabbing teddy bears, hungry babie zombies gnawing on their own feet and even enjoying a tasty brain treat. Oh the joy, these little ones will bring to any Halloween display or haunted house. The most creative zombie babies include the animated baby holder, which looks adorable until the little psycho flesh eating baby turns around and the zombie baby puppets that you can control. If there was only a way to make them vomit on cue, that would be gross and cool.

Creepy Zombie Babies

These happy little zombie babies are out here living on their own and need a place to call home at least for Halloween, after that they may just be orphans again. However for just a few dollars you can make a difference in a zombies life and give these little tykes a place to call their own and a few good meals. Just be should lock these hungry little critters up each night or these baby zombies might eat you up!

Our favorite Zombie Babies
1. Zombie Baby Stabbing Teddy Bear - Now that is what I call harmony
2. Zombie baby Eating his own Leg - Babies are so dumb
3. Baby Wiggler - Who knew zombies could move so fast
4. Basically we love all the Zombie Babies even though they are ugly, creepy and hate the living!

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