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Zombie Decorations and Props

Take your Zombie or Halloween party event to the next zombie decorations. Make your graveyard more gruesome with a headless zombie rising from the grave, tombstone zombies breathing fog, zombie arms reaching for the living or create a frightening scene with an army of zombies coming from the cemetery yard.

Zombie accents can also make a perfect addition to the front porch, bathroom or Halloween party display if you include shaking and screaming zombies, zombie parts to scatter about, zombie toilet clings which are perfect to give those with weak bladders a nice scare when they least expect it and floor crawling zombies always keep your guests moving for safety.

Scary Zombie Decorations and Animated Zombie Props

Zombies props, signs and decorations give and Halloween themed party that scary touch you want and if you are hosting a Walking Dead party, after party for a Zombie Run or just need the perfect zombie to spook those rotten neighborhood kids, then these zombies add the perfect touch to any display.

We searched the best party stores to find the best zombie decorations and props, so you'll find more zombie items here at Zomboween than you will at a single Halloween or party store. We have a great mix of zombie yard decor, animated zombies, zombie head and arms, plus signs, window decorations, party extras and lots of unique zombie items.

Our favorite Zombie decorations and props are
1. Headless Zombie - A Perfect way to Greet Your Guests!
2. Zombie Convict in Stock - The best way to study Zombies is to capture them and observe what happens.
3. Zombie Gnome - That quaint little garden is about to become a garden of horrors.

Find cool and interesting zombie items year round at Zomboween.

While Zomboween tries to make sure that all featured zombie costumes, halloween decorations, accessories and zombie related products are in stock and priced accurately. Seasonal zombie items may be out of stock and prices are subject to change without notice.


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