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Zombie Oreos

The last thing we remember is that the Oreos were on the counter and we went to bed, when I awoke during the night I could hear sounds of plastic and rustling coming from the kitchen. With a thirst for adventure, caution and fear in my throat a cautiously headed for the kitchen and this is what I discovered.

Zombie Oreos, one by one escaping the Oreo contain like in a trance. Each cookie looking worse then the next and moving like zombies across my counter. How did they get infected? How did they come to life? We don't know, but all we know is these Zombie Oreos weren't dead but they weren't alive either. I was fortunate enough to get some photos of the Zombie Oreos before I slipped and lost consciousness. When I awoke, the Zombie Oreos were gone and the package was empty.
Now You Can Follow the Zombie Oreos on Twitter! A Fun Perspective of MIlk Seeking Cookies!

Zombie Oreo Cookies

Now You Can Follow the Zombie Oreos on Twitter!
I am not sure how the Zombie Oreos got there or what they are after, but they sure seemed like they were on a mission

This is the first group of Zombie Oreos pictures we have posted.
We will continue to update and post more on these Zombies soon.
Stay Informed byNow following the Zombie Oreos on Twitter!


2012 Zomboween
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