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Zombie Runs

First there wear 5k runs, then came mud and obstacle course races and now finally there are Zombie Runs! Zombie Runs are race where you run through mud, muck and over obstacles as zombies chase and threaten you with harm. The good news is that is you have legs, so the odds of being caught by zombies are pretty low, unless you get stuck in a mud pit. Then the zombies have a fighting chance.

Right now the main Zombie Run organizer is Run For Your Lives, runforyourlives.com and the host zombie run events in Florida and Texas in the cooler months and have a range of events throughout the US during spring, summer and fall season.

Video: Run for Your Lifes Zombie Runs

Upcoming Zombie Races
Run for Your Lives Zombie Runs include:

So Cal Oct. 21
Maryland Oct. 27 Ė 28
Florida, Orlando metro Nov. 17
Texas Dec. 15
Miami Feb 9, 2013

Zombie Survival Dash - Where You have Flags that the Zombies try to remove zombiesurvivaldash.com
St. Louis Oct. 27

These events take obstacle courses to a new level and what is cool is that, if you don’t want to run you may be able to be a zombie on the course. You could be a stumbling zombie or a chaser but all you need to do is show up and they will turn you into a ghoulish zombie ready to chase or torture the living.

Please note that being a Zombie is very popular and if you want to be part of Team Zombies you need to volunteer months in advance of the race. Often the zombie team fills up before the race sells out!

But there are General Rules to being a zombie too! Violate them and you’ll lose your zombie perks / these vary by race
- Zombies may not touch any runners
- Zombies must follow zombie group leaders, no independent zombie thingking
- Chaser zombie must be able to run and chase during shift, no slackers
- No Drunk Zombies – Drinking and flesh eating don’t mix

Create your own Zombie Race with this App
If you donít live close to where a Zombie Race is taking place you can always create your own Zombie Run Game / experience with a downloadable game that makes every run an adventure. Just look for Zombies Run Game

If you aren't sold on that App check out the iPhone App of the Week
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