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Zombie Costumes for Adults

So you want to a Zombie for Halloween, but what type of zombie do you want to be; a zombie nurse, zombie doctor or an office worker that had a really bad day at work? You could be a dancing Michael Jackson zombie like in the Thriller video and even go as a group of zombies who can do the Thriller dance or goes as a Walking Dead zombie or zombie hunter. Well at Zomboween we don't care what type of zombie you want to be, we only that you find the best women's zombie and men's zombies costumes.

What is cool about today’s zombie costumes is that you can be a newly killed human with flesh wounds, a skeleton zombie with barely any meat on your bones or a healthy zombie chasing the living and seeking to eat brains. Nom, nom, nom.

Great Zombie Costumes for Men and Women

We selected a variety of adult zombie and zombie hunter costumes for you and created a separate page for kids zombie costumes. We’ve got zombies for everybody including zombie prom queens, zombie doctors and nurses, zombie superheroes and classic zombie costumes. Plus we has great zombie costume accessories like make up kits, shoes and more to enhance your zombie look.

Our favorite Zombie costumes this year are
1. Zombie Storm Trooper - Who knew Zombies made it to outer space!
2. Highschool Horror Zombie - So Colorful
3. Zombie 3D - A colorful and cool decomposing costume
4. Walking Dead Pajama Zombie - So young, so innocent until she starts eat you!
5. Zombie Prom Queen - How much it must suck to win Prom Queen and then become a Zombie!

Zombie events now happen year round with Zombie Runs, Zombie Festivals and even Walking Dead parties, so the next time you need a zombie costume or just Zombie inspiration just visit Zomboween where Zombie costumes for men and women can be found year round. We'll help you look your best as a Zombie.

While Zomboween tries to make sure that all featured zombie costumes, halloween decorations, accessories and zombie related products are in stock and priced accurately. Seasonal zombie items may be out of stock and prices are subject to change without notice.


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