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Where do you go to plan your Zombie Halloween Party, Zombie Apocalypse or learn about Zombie news well, Zomboween of course! We work to come up with Zombie theme party ideas, showcase the latest zombie Halloween costumes, decorations, animated props and try to stay on and share zombie news.

From The Living Dead to the Walking Dead zombies have been part of Halloween celebrations and now with zombie runs, zombie festivals it appears that the living dead are no longer just for Halloween.

However Zomboween is here to make any Zombie Halloween party a success by giving you access to the best zombie products online. We scour the best party shops, costume stores and niche store to showcase the coolest zombie items and accessories. So if you want Zombies, you want Zomboween.

Zomboween is dedicated to Zombie Halloween parties, Zombie Apocalypse parties and Zombies events around the US. We are your Zombie Party Headquarters.

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The Walking Dead is Back
The Walking Dead on AMC is back for it's third season and zombies, zombie killings, survivial and challenges face Rick Grimes and the crew. Over 10.9 million people watched the premiere and 15.2 million had seen the first episode AMC within 4 hours as Season 3 Episode 1 aired at 9 pm, 10 pm and again at midnight. All we can say is... FINALLY. This Episode is online for a limited time.

Zombies at Denver County Fair, But Pigs Missing
Residents fear the worst as zombies are seen at the Denver County Fair but the pigs have gone missing. While the zombies were seen with blood on their lips, there has been no words on the missing pigs.

Walking Dead Sicks Zombies on New York City
Anger over tv dispute leads to zombies in NYC, thankfully bridges, tunnels and subway systems were shut down to ensure no zombies could escape the city.

Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies - Now on Android
Zombies hunters rejoiced as they learned that Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies App is now on Android. Zombies were discouraged by the news and vow to work on create power outages to stop the spread of this app.

ThinkGeek Mocks Zombies
While many zombies admit that they can't help from seeking out human brains, it appears that ThinkGeek has decided to mock the average zombie by turning the tables and allowing the living to repair apart a zombie doll at will. In a recent Zombie poll ThinkGeek was ranked as the 9th most unfriendly business for zombies.

Dismember-Me Plush Zombie

Keeping Track of Zombies is Tough
Everyday more and more information is shared about the Zombie economy, Zombie news, Zombie runs, parties, tv shows, make-up tips and the zombie apocolypse. Zomboween keeps track of everything zombie and monitors when and where the rising of the dead may occur. We know Zomboween may happen this Halloween or the next but when the zombies do rise we'll be there to keep you informed and how the living can survive.

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